Lines Share

Lines Share generates the lines (point spreads and point totals) for all pro football games. Using the most advanced prognostic algorithms available today, it predicts the outcome of all possible matchups — even games that aren’t on the season schedule. This is the only place you’ll find point spreads and point totals for every game of the season, months in advance.

In addition, the predicted margins-of-victory are used to assign probabilities to the likelihood of each outcome and then project the total wins for each team, and predict the final standings, playoff picture, and winner of the Big Game.

The app includes the full season schedule, current standings, weather forecasts and outcomes of all games that have been played, as well as all future predictions. It can be used as a handy guide for the 2014 season, or as a state-of-the-art tool to help with your betting decisions, whether for individual games, over/under on season wins, or for futures such as picking division winners, conference champions, and the winner of the Big Game.

To assist with your ATS betting decisions on individual games, compare the generated point spreads from the app with the odds from the sportsbook where you are making your wagers. For most games, the difference will be within 1 point. But there will be games where the app predictions differ from those of the casino sportsbook by 2 or more points. These are the games that provide the best betting opportunities.

Lines Share can also be used to help you pick winners in friendly office pools, online pick’em contests, or just for bragging rights with your buddies.

The point spreads, point totals, and predicted outcome for every possible matchup is shown in a scrolling table format. The past game results, future point spreads and totals, and full 2014 schedule can be viewed by week or by team. The odds are updated continuously and are based on:

  • Current team ratings
  • Location of the game
  • Unique home field advantage
    • Grass/turf field
    • Outdoor/indoor stadium
    • Weather forecast
  • Player matchups and injuries

The prognostic algorithm assigns probabilities to the likelihood of each outcome in order to predict season wins, final standings, and the playoff picture. This is done by using historical data from the 2004-2013 seasons relating point spreads to percentage chance of winning.

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