Analytics is gaining widespread use in every industry in the world, including homeland security, sports, business intelligence, music, financial markets, social media, etc.

Heureka is applying data science and analytics to a variety of industries to remove uncertainty and increase performance and profitability.


Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is important in complex, dynamic work environments such as aviation, military command and control, and emergency services where information flow is high and poor decisions can lead to serious consequences. In these fields, rapid decisions must be made to execute an effective response to unfolding events and ensure a mission’s success.

Situational awareness solutions provide leaders with real-time:

  • Awareness of critical environmental elements and assets
  • Understanding of the status and capabilities of each element with respect to time and space
  • Projection of their status and capabilities, both immediately and in the near future


Vehicle Heath Management

Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) or Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM) is a concept for managing the operational and maintenance life-cycle of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. It enables the assessment of the current and future health state of critical vehicle subsystems to determine the overall health and capability of the vehicle, and relates the vehicle status to the operational demand and available resources.

Key benefits of IVHM include:

  • Increased vehicle availability and reduced downtime through better maintenance scheduling
  • Improved safety through the use of diagnostics and prognostics to fix faults before they become an issue
  • Increased performance and reliability through better understanding of the vehicle’s current capabilities
  • Reduced total life-cycle cost by eliminating unnecessary maintenance


Sports Analytics

In the few years since sabermetrics was introduced to the baseball world, an entire industry has arisen around sports analytics. Data mining, statistics, and machine learning techniques are being used to model all aspects of sports to gain insight on the factors that influence performance, behavior, strategy, and success.

  • Leagues use analytics for everything from anticipating player safety issues (injury prevention) to understanding fan behavior by evaluating real-time sentiment in social media.
  • Teams, managers, and coaches use analytics in player evaluation and development, play-by-play game management, and performance tracking.
  • Analysts, fans, and sports bettors use predictive analytics to anticipate player and team performances, and to predict game scores and season results.