Even the most complex puzzles have a solution. Every piece of data is an important part of the big picture, and Heureka can help you put it all together.

Heureka solves complex problems and delivers actionable insights using:

  • Data-driven predictive analytics
  • Physics-based modeling
  • Advanced prognostic algorithms

Heureka’s tools and techniques are used to:

  • Discover patterns and relationships in disparate data
  • Elucidate past and present conditions
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Recommend decision options
  • Classify the potential risk/reward of each decision

Heureka provides Engineering and Management Consulting services through project-based contracts and partnership agreements to:

  • Give you a competitive advantage by developing targeted solutions for your specific problem
  • Redesign and streamline processes
  • Reallocate resources by aligning objectives, people, activities, and technology
  • Help you recognize opportunities, and turn those opportunities into successes
  • Save money by eliminating costly steps and inefficient practices
  • Build apps with custom feature and specific functionality for your business process, workflow, or engineering need

Putting the puzzle together requires a complete understanding of the relevant pieces of the system. Once all the key pieces are found and understood, the puzzle as a whole snaps together, sometimes in a final flash of insight, which we call a heureka moment.

Uncover the future, and shout “Heureka!”